News / Events


May 23, 2017: Aplomb Strategies was mentioned supporting women in HFM Technologies’ article:  “Where are all the female hedgefund techies?”  written by Carly Minsky  HFM Technologies Article Link
December 20, 2016:  5 Key Elements for CAT Cybersecurity Markets Media Article Link
November 14, 2016:   Tabb Forum: Cybersecurity, CAT and the New Presidency
September, 2016: Technology Expertise: No Longer Optional at the Board Level Global Treasury Briefing: September / October Edition
July 5, 2016:  Regulation Matters: Listed Option Markets Need a Voice  Tabb Forum Article: Option Markets Need a Voice Link 
June 14, 2016:   Regulation Matters: Trust and Transparency Need to Be More Than a Soundbite   Tabb Forum Article: Regulation Matters Link    
May 27, 2016:   Regulators Intensify Focus on Cybersecurity, and the Consolidated Audit Trail Is First in Line Tabb Forum Article: Cybersecurity Article Link 
April 15, 2016:  It’s Time the Industry Focused on Something Constructive: Reg SCI and Cybersecurity  Markets Media Article Link

Speaking Engagements:

May 23, 2017:  Second year speaking at the  Cyber Investing Summit
September 14-16, 2016:  The  2016 Securities Traders DC Conference.
May 5, 2016: Cybersecurity Panel  IMPC Cybersecurity Conference Video Link
May 3, 2016:  NYSE /ICE Hosted Cyber Investing Summit Video Link
April 1, 2016:  Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education Forum  Quinnipiac G.A.M.E VI Forum 
March 24, 2016:  Regulation Matters   NexChange Video Link
February 10, 2016:  IMPCs Financial Technology Regulatory Panel IMPC Event